New DSS-1 Upgrade Kit!

Visit Tom Virostek's web site for more information, pricing, and ordering on this upgrade kit.

Jim Babb and Tom Virosek have developed a new Upgrade Kit for the DSS-1. (Jim was one of the software engineers who helped to create the original SoundLogic upgrade kit.) This is tremendously good news for DSS-1 owners who have dreamed about having their favorite synth brought into the 21st Century with massively expanded memory, USB storage, samples in WAV format, 128 programs at a time, and even Portamento! And those are just the beginning!

The original SoundLogic upgrade kit only expanded the DSS-1 to 2MB, and USB did not exist at the time. It cost nearly $1,000 back in the day. Just take a look at what the new Upgrade Kit includes, all for approx. $400 including installation:

Replaces the entire CPU board
» 8085 CPU replaced with a much faster NEC V40

Increases sound memory to 16M X 12-bit words (24MB) - 64 times the original

Enhanced floppy drive interface
» Loads original floppies in half the time
» Supports standard high density drives

Adds an optional SCSI port for connection to external hard drive

Adds USB file storage with subdirectories
» FAT file system for easy PC transfer
» Individual samples stored on USB drive are in
   .WAV format
» DMA is used for much faster load times
» Entire sound library on a single thumb drive
Systems contain 128 programs at once (instead of 32)

Load an entire floppy (systems A-D) with a single command

Up to 64 multisounds at once (instead of 16)

Memory management allows Multisounds to be much larger

Ability to assign sliders to program parameters

Adds Auto Portamento mode

OS can be updated from the USB drive