One thing we all know about the DSS-1 is that it's a royal pain to edit and loop samples on this machine. If there were only a way to export the DSS-1 samples to your PC via the MIDI port for editing and then return them to the DSS-1.

Your prayers are answered. Download and unzip SampleVision below. This program is no longer available for sale ANYWHERE. You get it here for free. This is a VERY nice visual sample editor for the DSS-1. And as a side benefit, you can also use this to load professionally sampled WAV files into your DSS-1. You heard me right! This allows you to bypass the DSS-1's noisy 12-bit DAC converter for an awesome, clean sound comparable to modern samplers.

SampleVision for Windows download

Instructions for using SampleVision with the DSS-1 (PDF format)

SampleVision for DOS