From 1985 to 1989, while attending Rutgers University, Glen Stegner was involved in a flourishing New Brunswick music scene, playing in various bands. During his time at Rutgers, Glen studied piano under the mentorship of noted jazz pianist and Rutgers professor Kenny Barron, expanding his musical horizons and honing his keyboard proficiency in the process. He then went on to play in various New Jersey nightclub bands throughout the late 80's, playing gigs up and down the Jersey shore.

Having lived for several years in Boulder, Colorado in the early 90's, Glen moved to Massachusetts in 1993, where he has since lived. He became involved in the seventies-style rock/folk/jazz band Zen Cats, recording a CD with them in 1995. In 1998, Glen finally recorded his first album, Ocean of Dissolution, eliciting the help of former bandmate Doug Hewitt as guitarist and producer, and noted Amherst drummer Loren Weisman. In 2002, Glen recorded his second CD, Illuminations, in his home studio in Holyoke, where it was also mixed and mastered.